Why you should consider carpet cleaning products

The carpet cleaning business is booming, and for good reason.Companies are competing to be the first to remove stains and grime from your home.But, they’re also competing to earn the most money.Here are some of the things you need to know to make sure you get the best carpet cleaning services:1.Are you eligible for a […]

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Commercial carpet transitions to residential with Dreamweaver brand

Commercial carpet transition strips are now available at most home improvement stores.Dreamweavers commercial carpet transitions are now made of vinyl, a material that is much less flammable than carpet, and they are much less likely to catch fire.Dreamweave has been in business since 2007, and the carpet transition strip has been around since the early […]

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The beauty industry is going full-on Barbie-esque: New line of high-end high-waist bath bombs sells out fast, and there’s no end in sight

By now you know that bath bombs have been around for years, but they’re not new.They were invented by the American barber Ralph Spence and his wife, Dorothy, in the 1930s to make their salon’s customers feel sexy and more at home.The Spence’s were able to do this by making their products feel as luxurious […]

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How to install a hand-held carpet cleaning device from Ikea

We’ve all heard of the great and useful HandyCarpet.It’s a handy tool that takes care of cleaning the inside of your bedding.But the real value comes from the ability to use it as a vacuum cleaner.With the right attachments, it can clean the carpet inside of any bedding item.Read More and the ability of the […]

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