‘Woolite’: A new way to clean carpets by spraying chemicals on them

Woolite carpet cleaners have a new way of cleaning carpets: spraying chemicals directly on the carpet fibers, in an attempt to eliminate odors.

The chemicals are sprayed onto the carpets’ surface in small spray cans, and then left for up to a month to dry out.

In a report to Congress, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) explained that these new products have a range of applications, from preventing odors to helping reduce the cost of cleaning homes.

The report said the chemicals are being used to clean up carpet fibers in homes in the United States.

The agency also said the products, which use a mix of vinegar, surfactants, and a synthetic dye called polyoxyethylene (PEO), are less expensive than traditional carpet cleaning solutions.

While the EPA says the products are safe, there are concerns about their potential health impacts.

In 2016, the EPA conducted a survey of homeowners in the nation’s major cities, asking them whether they use these cleaners to clean their carpets.

Nearly half said they do, and half said the cleaners are used to remove odors and stains.

In that survey, more than two-thirds of respondents said they would use the products again in the future.

The EPA did not release the results of that survey in the report, but said the results show that a wide variety of homeowners are using Woolite to clean the carpeting they live in.

Woolite’s founder, Daniel Wielite, has spent more than five years developing and testing the products.

The products were initially developed in the 1970s and 1980s, when carpeting was expensive, so Wielites team spent time developing a product that was safe for carpeting but was environmentally friendly.

In 2013, the company began testing its products on homes in New York City.

That was followed by tests in New Jersey and Texas, where the products were used.

In the last five years, Woolite has expanded its product offerings and expanded its testing in the U.S. The company is now expanding to the U, Canada, and South Korea.

The latest tests were conducted in January and February, with a total of 10 homes in each market.

In January, Woolites team tested the products on four of its homes in Manhattan, New York, and five homes in Boston.

At least two homes in Miami were also tested.

In February, the team tested four homes in Austin, Texas, and one home in New Orleans.

The results were not available from the New York homes.

Woolites is also testing its product in four cities in Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Woolites founder said that the company is expanding testing to other cities in the next few weeks, and will announce more locations in the coming months.

According to the EPA, Woolitecampol, a division of the company, is developing a line of carpet cleaning products that are safe and environmentally friendly for carpet fibers.

Wooliticecampole, a subsidiary of Woolite, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EPA.

The tests were done in the San Francisco area, according to the report.

Woolituesthe EPA has been using its testing program to study how homeowners are choosing to clean and maintain their carpels.

In 2018, the agency said it was exploring ways to expand its research into how carpet cleaners work.

The research has been led by the EPA’s Office of the Associate Administrator for Environmental Protection.

The Office of Environmental Research and Development (E-REED) is the agency’s research arm.

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