When the carpet looks like your mother

By MICHELLE KELLY | NATIONAL AFFAIRS The carpet is the most important thing you own in your home.

It has a huge impact on your health, comfort, and security.

In fact, a study conducted by the New York City Department of Health found that the carpet, which includes carpets and carpets accessories, has a major role in keeping people comfortable, safe, and healthy.

So, why not decorate the carpet with some great, colorful accents?

Here are a few ways to create the perfect accent.

#1 Make the carpet look like your mom.

This is not a new idea.

In recent years, the carpet industry has been trying to push the idea that it’s okay to add a subtle touch to the home.

Some designers are even using it to create a more feminine look in the bedroom.

And you can decorate your carpet with a variety of different patterns to give it a unique look.

#2 Make it pop.

When you decorate with accents, you’re adding a whole new dimension to the look of your home, says Sarah Gentry, a designer and owner of Tasty Carpet.

“I like to make it pop with the colors and patterns, so it’s not just an extension of my decorating, but an extension to my design process,” she says.

#3 Make the house look like the city.

For decades, New Yorkers have decorated their homes with colorful accents and patterns to accentuate the city and the landmarks around it.

“It’s a reflection of the city that you can see everywhere,” says Gentry.

“You can see the city in the way people walk around.

You can see it in the street lights.

You see it through the walls of the homes.

And if you look at the street and the houses and the cars in the city, you see them reflected back.”

#4 Use natural materials.

The more natural the carpet you’re using, the better it will feel, says Gentsons co-owner, Jessica Boggs.

“If it’s a natural material, it’s going to be more natural and not like a synthetic material that’s going through a machine,” she explains.

You want to keep the natural feel of your carpet and its patterns, says Bogg.

#5 Make it unique.

The perfect accent will have a subtle twist to it.

For example, Bogg’s company, B-G-B, creates a carpet that is both natural and colorful.

It uses a natural, pale-green base with a few subtle hints of turquoise.

“We want it to be a little bit of a departure from the typical accent you’re going to find in a lot of places,” says B-Gs founder, Jessica Gentry of T-B-C-E.

#6 Keep it unique with the right accent.

“When I design, I try to make the house unique,” says T-G.

“Sometimes the accent will be more of a statement, or it might be more about the lifestyle of the house.”

#7 Use natural, muted colors.

You’re not going to see a lot more than white or black on a normal carpet.

That’s because the natural tones are more subtle and the colors are more muted.

If you want to really add a touch of color to the carpet and make it a highlight, opt for muted colors, says T.G. You don’t have to use all of your natural tones, but make sure you have the right combination of natural tones.

And of course, choose a natural accent that is just right for your decorating style.

#8 Decorate with accessories.

A natural accent with a little of every color is always a great way to add depth to your home and make the most of your space, says Amanda Clements, owner of B-Clements.

“The natural accent can really bring out the light in the room, and it can really create a feeling of space,” she adds.

“Whether it’s just the color of the carpet or the color and pattern of the accents, the accent brings a little extra depth and it gives the room a little more character.”

So, if you have any suggestions for how to decorate a beautiful, subtle accent that makes your home more beautiful and more unique, let us know in the comments.

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