‘Toxic’ carpet carpeting is harming wildlife in the U.S.

CARPET MAT CARPET BAITTERING: The problem of carpet mats is growing with the spread of carpet bombs.

The chemicals used in carpet mat baiting, such as pyrethroid, have the potential to harm wildlife, particularly the endangered California condor.

One recent study found that the chemicals are not only toxic to birds but to bats and other small mammals, including the endangered northern white-tailed bat.

But now carpet mat producers are warning about the dangers of carpet mat pollution.

Many carp are imported from China, where carpet mats are used for the carp industry.

They are not native to the U, but carpet mat makers say they are.

The carpet mats that are exported to the United States are from China.

And the carp are the main suppliers for carpet mats to carpet companies that make products for homes and restaurants.

But the carp themselves have the same chemicals that are used to make carpet mats, so the chemicals can damage carp and other wildlife.

Now, carp growers are warning that carpet mats will be the next carpet to be sprayed, as more people begin using the chemicals.

But many carp producers say they will be careful to keep out of the hands of wildlife.

They say the chemicals will only harm birds, not other species.

The chemical is called pyrethrocyanide.

It is a strong, persistent chemical.

It can penetrate wood and metal.

It will damage the nervous system and the respiratory system of animals, including fish and wildlife.

The American Cattleman’s Association says carpet mats could be damaging to wildlife.

It says the chemicals don’t get into the water and they don’t affect fish or aquatic life.

But there’s a catch.

The AABA says it is trying to get Congress to pass legislation to prohibit the use of carpet mitts on carp.

So far, the bill has been referred to the House Science Committee.

And it is not clear if the legislation will pass.

The EPA says it does not have any information on carpet mat use.

It said the EPA will be reviewing carpet mat safety.

So it has no data to show that carpet mat chemicals will be more damaging to fish than to wildlife or other wildlife species.

And carpet mat companies say they have tested carpet mats for toxins and they have not found any that pose a risk to wildlife, including bats.

But experts say the carpet mat industry has been selling carp in the United Sates for more than a century, and it’s only a matter of time before carpet mats make their way into the U.-S.


But some carp growers say carpet mats pose a threat to wildlife as well.

They worry that people will start buying carp because they’ll see carpet mats on the shelves and that will be a huge problem for the wild population of condors.

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