The biggest cleaning scam ever is about to hit the United States and Canada: carpet cleaner

A carpet cleaner scam is making headlines right now.

The story is just getting started.

It’s being called the biggest scam in history and it’s happening in just the last few days.

The scam involves carpet cleaners from all over the country using phony social media accounts to promote their products.

The scams target women, young people and people with disabilities.

One scammer claims to be an elderly person.

Another claims to have been “an ex-Marine and a police officer,” according to ABC News.

Another scammer, known only as “The King,” says he works for the FBI, ABC News reported.

The crooks use social media to advertise their products to people who might not know much about carpet cleaning.

People will say they’re looking for a carpet cleaner that cleans your carpet, for example.

But they’re selling it for as little as $50 a pop.

And when they get to your house, they’ll charge you to do their dirty work.

That’s what happened to the elderly couple who got the scammers’ attention.

They said they didn’t have any money to pay for cleaning services, ABC reported.

They thought they’d paid for the services they needed, but then they realized their bills were being billed for the carpet cleaner and they had no money.

The couple was able to get their bills paid by getting their credit card statements.

It was the first time they’d ever been scammed, they said.

The victims in the scam have received calls from phone banks from as far away as Russia, Canada and New Zealand.

The people who were able to pay the bills did so with their cellphones, ABC said.

People have reported that the scammer’s social media posts are often fake, and the scammed phone numbers are not authentic.

The scammers claim that the products are good for your home, but they are only selling the “premium” carpet cleaner, ABC reports.

That product is sold as “carpeting cleaner powder,” which is actually a substance that comes from cotton and can be used to clean carpets.

But the scams have been making money off of it, ABC noted.

They’re not the only ones targeting seniors, however.

Another scammers claimed to have found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease and another claimed to cure cancer, ABC’s news report states.

Another online scammer is calling himself “The Old Man,” ABC reported, and claims to cure people of their “unwanted diseases.”

The scams are targeting seniors because they believe that they can cure dementia.

Some are trying to convince people to donate their old homes to the scamming company.

The New York Post reported that one scammer was using a photo of an elderly couple that had Alzheimer’s, and was using that as the sole photo for his website.

Another caller said she’d found a “cleaner for your carpet.”

Another scamster claimed to be “a retired police officer who works for FBI.”

He claimed to “have lived in the United Kingdom and spent the last 50 years in the NYPD,” ABC said, and claimed that he “worked on the highest rung of the police hierarchy.”

He even claimed to know the secret codes used by the FBI.

It appears that many of the scam artists have fake Facebook accounts.

One called himself “Hands of the Future” and claimed to work for the “National Security Agency,” ABC News said.

Another person called himself the “Director of the CIA,” according the newspaper.

ABC News identified the other scammers by their last name and the company they claimed to belong to, but we cannot verify that.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is investigating the scam and has filed a report with the FBI’s Consumer Fraud and Abuse Task Force.

The federal government is also cracking down on the scam.

The U.S. attorney for the Northern District of California said that “the scam is taking place on social media, where people are posing as police officers and telling people to come clean their carpets.”

The scammer can sell the “carrass cleaner powder” for anywhere from $50 to $1,500 a bottle, according to the ACLU.

“They’re selling that for as low as $25,” said ACLU attorney Stephanie Smith.

“And it’s just a waste of the consumer’s money.

It should never be on the street.”

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