How to keep your nails looking sharp at work

There’s nothing quite like your nail polish that looks really great and lasts for hours.

It’s a nice touch, especially if you’re looking to impress your co-workers.

But what if your nail salon has an array of nail polishes that don’t last all day?

They’re great for the office but can also leave your nails feeling tacky and uneven.

Here are 10 nail polish tips that can help you keep your polish looking great for as long as you need it. 1.

Use a light shine The ideal time for your nail polish to shine is when it’s set and your nails are dry, but it’s also the perfect time to reapply it after a shower.

This is the perfect opportunity to get a fresh coat of polish off, and if you want a more “fresh” shine, use a light wash with a little bit of a gloss.

Just a dab of polish on your fingertips will make your polish shine and be more manageable.

If you want to go all out, try a light, shimmery gloss.

This gloss can be used on a few nail polies and will give your nails a bit of shine.


Apply your polish with the back of a comb The back of the comb is a nice way to get that little bit more shine, especially on the tip of your nail.

Simply dab a little nail polish on the back and comb through the polish to get it onto your nail, then put your comb back in the box.


Use the “double dip” method If you’re using the “dip” method, you’ll need to wait a bit to apply your polish.

You can apply the polish in one smooth motion or dab it in a second smooth motion.

Once you get the polish on, gently rub it down on the nail with the tip until the polish glides on smoothly.


Use your hand to get your polish on Once your polish is on, dab it onto the back with your fingers.

Once the polish is applied, it will still be a bit tacky, but your polish will last a little longer.


Apply the polish with a sponge When your polish comes off, use the sponge to rub it onto each nail.

The polish will not come off until you use a little dab of water on it. 6.

Avoid rubbing your polish off of the nail Once you’ve applied the polish, gently wipe your nail with a damp towel.

Do not let it get on your nails!

This will leave it sticky and not help your polish stay on your nail for as much as it could.


Avoid using a nail polish brush The most common mistake people make is using a polish brush to apply polish.

When you use the polish brush, you’re leaving your nail exposed to the elements, making it a less-than-ideal choice for getting polish on and off your nails.

It also creates a nasty mess on your hands.

Use another nail polish applicator, such as a finger applicator.

You could even try using the brush with a nail-dryer, which can be quite effective.


Avoid applying nail polish to your nails While it may look appealing, nail polish is really not for you if you don’t like your nails to look “dirty.”

The more nail polish you apply to your nail when you’re not using it, the more it will stain your nails, leaving them looking uneven and dull.

You also won’t be able to apply the shine you want when you have it on. 9.

Use nail polish remover if your polish has a hard tackiness or is sticky The nail polish from your nail shop will probably be tacky enough to keep in your nail box, but not sticky enough to leave on your fingernails.

Use some nail polish cleaner to remove the excess nail polish.

If it is sticky enough, use an applicator to gently rub your nail clean, which will leave your nail free of the tackiness and leave your fingertails looking clean.


If your nail care routine isn’t the best, try some of these tips to keep you looking fresh and polished at work.

You don’t need to be a nail enthusiast to follow these tips and get your nails look great for hours at a time.

If the salon doesn’t have an array that is long-lasting and doesn’t leave your toes or fingernail bare, try this trick: Apply a light coat of nail polish onto a wet sponge.

Gently dab a tiny bit onto your nails before you brush the polish off.

Apply a small dab of nail product on the top of your fingerettes and gently rub down to get some shine.

Try using this technique on your toes as well as your other toes, but you may need to add a bit more polish to the mix to get the right amount of shine on your fingers and toes.

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