A dreamweaver is a carpet sweeper that turns dreams into reality

A dream weaver carpet sweeter, made by Dreamweavers, uses dreams as a platform for a dream-like experience, with the promise of helping you to become a better person, the company says.

The carpet sweepers’ creators, D’Etienne D. D’Emilio, of New York City, and David P. Denton, of Virginia Beach, VA, created the dreamweavers because they are concerned about how their customers might be affected by the increasing prevalence of dementia in the United States, and their hope is that they can provide a solution to the problem.

“The dreamweaving is a beautiful form of communication,” D’Esilio told Fox News.

“I want people to be able to tell me that they want to have a dream, that they are feeling a little bit more connected, and that they’re thinking about how they can make their dreams come true.”

The dreamswingers can be purchased in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.

The Dreamweaver Dreamweave, which costs $149.99, is made of two fabrics that combine the color blue and red, according to Dreamweaving.com.

The dreamweaves can be placed on the floor, on the bed or even on the couch.

Dreamweavers are sold in three colors: Blue, Pink and Red.

The company also offers a Dreamweav-inspired Dreamweaker pillow, which can be customized for the comfort and ease of use.

D’Emileio, who previously founded Dreamweaves, said that he was inspired to create a dreamweave because he had recently experienced the loss of his brother.

He added that the Dreamweakers were inspired by a similar experience with his sister, who suffered from Parkinson’s disease and lost her ability to communicate.

“She was able to communicate with me by having dreams, and she could also tell me what I wanted to hear,” D.D. said.

“It was so empowering.”

D’Eilio said that his brother had lost the ability to speak and move his arms and legs, and his sister would talk through him in dreamlike situations.

The Dreamweather, a 3D printed bedding that features dreamlike shapes and patterns, is a dreamswaper, too.

The dream weavers are available in four colors: Green, Blue, Orange and Red, according a Dream Weaver website.

Dreamwearers can be bought in a wide range of sizes, including pillows, blankets and chairs.

Dream Weaver is also offering a Dream Weaver-inspired pillow.

Denton, who is a freelance designer, is also working on a DreamWeaver-themed pillow, and is hoping to have it available by March.

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