Why carpet shark is one of the most annoying things you’ll see in the office

By now, you’ve probably heard about carpet sharks, a group of giant marine animals that eat carpet, the thick, tough, fibrous fabric that covers floors, walls, ceilings and ceilings.

The carpet sharks aren’t aggressive and will attack anything that moves on carpet, including carpets themselves.

But, as the name suggests, carpet sharks will attack if they think you’ve disturbed their turf.

They’ve been known to attack a dog, and when a man tried to stop one of them from attacking his dog, the dog’s owners had to call 911.

The carpet sharks have been around for at least 200 million years, according to the University of Washington.

But the carpets they eat are all of a certain kind.

These animals can’t survive on carpet alone, so they eat their prey in the air, which means the prey is likely dead or rotting.

They also have to feed on plants, animals, fish and birds.

They can eat the same kind of prey as dogs and cats, but it takes longer to digest the food they’re eating.

These carpet sharks also eat algae, a type of algae that grows on carpets and can be toxic to humans and other animals.

“Carpets are incredibly dense, so the carpet is the easiest part to attack, and the carpet’s not very strong,” said Kevin F. Ehrlich, professor of ecology at the University at Buffalo.

“When you’re in a high pressure situation like a hurricane or a snowstorm, it’s the carpet that can absorb the impact of the storm and the debris and all of the other stuff that’s on the ground.”

The carpet shark’s name is a reference to a type known as the carpet shark or marine carpet.

These creatures can grow up to 2 feet (61 centimeters) long and weigh up to 30 tons.

Ehrlich said the carpet sharks’ diet varies from the animals’ natural habitat, but the ones he studied were eating carpets from a single location.

They’ll eat carpet on a regular basis, but only if they can find it.

“They will go into areas where there are carpets in great abundance,” Ehrich said.

“They will hunt on the carpet and will then search for it in a different area.”

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