‘Tiger Woods: Tiger Woods’ Tribute to the ‘Dark Knight’ Will Be a ‘Tribute to Batman’

TIGER WOODS will return as the Joker in “Batman v.

Superman: Dawn of Justice,” which is set to open in theaters on March 25, 2019.

He is set as a young, unknown young man who is taken into custody by a group of super villains who are using the young Bruce Wayne to help their cause.

When the Joker is able to get inside the mind of the young Batman, the young Wayne realizes that he is actually part of a team of super heroes led by the mysterious Dark Knight, played by Tim Burton.

He also discovers that the Joker has been controlling a younger version of himself for years.

“It’s about the Joker’s evolution as a villain and the impact it has on his future,” Warner Bros. Pictures head of production Dan Fellman told The Hollywood Reporter.

“What he does is so unexpected.

It’s a new Batman.”

Burton’s Batman was one of the best-selling comic book movies of all time.

He will play a young Batman who becomes the Joker when he is taken in by a gang of supervillains led by Dark Knight.

The film will also introduce the Joker as a super-powered super-villain, which will help explain how he was able to control his younger self.

The movie is set for release in theaters across the U.S. and the U,C.K. will also return to the role of The Joker in Warner Bros.’ next installment of the DC Extended Universe.

“Tiger is one of my favorite characters and this film really captures what he’s about,” Burton said.

“He is a character that is really a love letter to Batman, his journey and the world of Batman.

It is such a big part of the franchise.”

He continued, “The film is a tribute to a character, and it’s about Bruce Wayne, so we are so happy to bring him back and do something that will really bring back the character of Batman.”

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