How to stop your rug from scratching your bedroom carpet

Rugs can be a big source of discomfort, especially when you’re living with a carpet beetle.

But with a few tips, you can make sure that your rug is a comfortable place to rest and unwind when you get home from work.


Protect the rug with a pillow Protect your rug by wrapping it in a pillowcase or using a rug cushion to protect it.

If you’re using a cushion, cover it with a towel and leave it on your bedside table for a few hours.

You may find that the rug doesn’t scratch easily enough.


Use the carpet beetle-resistant carpet article If your rug has carpet beetle scars, remove it.

Rubbing it down with a damp cloth will help it heal.

If your carpet beetle isn’t in a good place to hide, cut the rug.

If it’s in a bad place, remove the carpet from your carpeting and remove it from your floor.

If the carpet beetles are in the area, cut it out with scissors.

If they’re not, leave the carpet in place for at least one week.


Don’t get rid of the carpet article Once you’ve finished removing the carpet, it’s time to remove the rug itself.

If a carpet has been cut or is in a tough spot, cut out the rug from the carpeting.

Then, make sure the rug is not damaged.

You’ll also want to remove any dead or rotting insects that might be on the carpet.


Make your bedding easier to move The easiest way to move your carpet is to take it off the carpet and lay it on the floor.

That’s because the carpet will absorb some of the rubbing that’s happening on your carpet, so lay the rug flat.

Lay it on a soft surface, such as a couch or sofa, and use the back of a broom to move the rug around.

If there’s a knot in the carpet or a gap in the rug, you may want to loosen it first.

If possible, get a pillow for comfort.

It can be easy to get a little extra work done when you move a rug.


Make sure your rug hasn’t been sprayed or treated with chemicals or preservatives The most common way to clean a carpet is by spraying it with chemicals.

This will kill the carp beetles, but the chemicals will also make it harder for them to find their homes.

Some carpet beetles prefer the smell of wood and other natural materials.

This is where you can get a natural-detergent, such the scent of a pine or fir tree, and spray it directly on your rug.

To avoid the chemicals, try to avoid carpeting with chemicals that have been sprayed on it before.


Get a rug brush and remove excess stains Once you have your rug brush ready, use it to apply some of your carpet stain to the rug surface.

Rub your hand over the carpet so that the stain comes off evenly.

Then rinse the brush with water to remove excess stain and dry it in the sun for at to several hours.

If needed, you could add a little rubbing alcohol to the rubbing alcohol so that it dries quickly.

You can also apply a little of the stain to your carpet using a sponge.


Get rid of any leftover carpeting, bugs or dead insects This is a common mistake people make when they remove a rug from their carpeting: They put the rug in the dishwasher and don’t get it out.

When you put the carpet back in, you see a bunch of dead bugs or beetles.

You should check the carpet to make sure it hasn’t gotten into the kitchen or the bedroom.


Avoid carpeting near a water source or sink The carp beetles may find it easier to hide in a carpeting that’s soaked with water or that has been treated with a chemical.

If that carpeting has been in your home for more than a week, you should wash it and take it to a local carpeting supply store.

The store will help you find the right product.

If not, a professional can give you tips on how to get rid.


Use a carpet polish remover to remove stains If you use a chemical-free carpet polish or stain remover, it will get rid the stains quickly and easily.

Apply a small amount of the polish removers to the carpet surface and let it dry.

The cleaner it gets, the longer it will take to get the stain out.


Get help to keep your rug free of carpet beetles A carpet beetle that lives in the house can be dangerous to your home, especially if it’s a new pest that doesn’t have a natural home.

If carpet beetles get in your house, they can spread to other areas in your carpet and then to furniture.

If one of the carp beetle species becomes dominant, they could take over your house and spread disease to other parts of your home.

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