Why you need to keep an eye on your carpets for signs of the disease

You may not have noticed the signs of Lyme disease, but it’s there.

And they’re not pleasant.

You may notice the signs, but you won’t know why.

I know it’s been a long time coming.

In the 1980s, when the Lyme disease virus first appeared in the US, it was just a localised infection of the blood cells of a small number of people who had recently travelled abroad.

They were not symptomatic, but they were also not well-liked.

They’d just come back from Europe, where they had no friends and they’d had lots of fun.

They came back with a virus and a lot of problems.

I remember a friend who had just come home from a week in Spain, and I told her: “Look, you’ve got a very nasty infection, and the people you know are in very bad shape.”

She thought I was crazy.

But the virus was still there, and it took a while to get rid of it.

But I think we were all in denial.

It took a long, long time to understand the true nature of the infection.

And when I came to England in 1995, I knew it was a serious disease.

I had been infected by a patient who had returned from India, and he had a very serious reaction to antibiotics, and died a few weeks later.

So, as a GP, I was acutely aware of the fact that we could have a serious infection.

When I started doing routine tests, it wasn’t long before I had a diagnosis of Lyme-B-CoV.

And at that point, I started getting calls from patients saying: “My son has a fever.

He’s had a cold and had to come home with an infection.”

And I was like: “No, you have Lyme-C-CoC.

This is just a symptom.”

The first couple of months were very difficult for me.

I’d been travelling to places I’d never been before, like Scotland and France, and people would tell me they were very worried about my condition.

It was very difficult.

I went into my GP and said: “I’m not going to go out because I’m so ill.

You should see me again in two weeks.”

And he said: ‘Oh, I see.

“I was diagnosed with Lyme-Co, and for a couple of weeks I had to stay at home and nurse my child, and then go to the GP and be tested.

And the symptoms got worse and worse.

I became so ill that I had trouble eating and sleeping.

And I felt very ill that day when I had my first blood test.

So I went back to the house to nurse my son, and my first reaction was: “Why are you here?”

And I went straight to the hospital, and they said: “(No).

You have Lyme Co.

“I had two rounds of antibiotics, but I couldn’t stand the pain.

And it was very frustrating.

And then I came home, and this was what happened.

The next day, I went out and had the flu, and when I got home, I had the symptoms again.

And my wife was at home when I went to the doctor.

I said: (in a very worried voice): “What’s wrong?”

She said: ”What’s the problem?”

And it wasn�t the flu at all.

I was sick for six months, and that was it.

And in a way, it seemed to me that I could have survived it.

I could get well and get through it, but my symptoms just kept getting worse and the more I was ill, the more serious my symptoms got.

And one day, my doctor was coming to me, and said, “We don’t know if you’ve been sick, or if you’re getting it”.

And I said, �No, I’ve got Lyme-A-Co. It’s not the flu.”

And he just smiled and said �I thought you were in for a long road.

It may be you’ll be ok, but we need to be very careful.

“And the next day I went home and had my flu shot.

It didn’t work, and at the end of that day, it did not help.

So in the beginning, I didn’t have the strength to say: “Yes, I’m sick.

I’m in really bad shape, but there is a cure.

“But at the same time, it brought me to the point where I realised I was really sick.

And so, I did the best I could with what I had, and was on the course of going into hospital, which was very, very difficult to do.

So when I was in hospital, I couldn�t really leave the house, and even my wife couldn�te go out, because I was still too sick.

So they said to me: “We think you need some help.”

And that’s when I thought

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