How carpet cleaning companies can save money by cutting waste

An online catalog of carpet cleaners has revealed that the cost of a carpet cleaning can be as low as $1.10, even when the company that cleans it is an accredited cleaning company.

The Globe and Mail has obtained a copy of the online catalog from a carpet cleaner who said he does not disclose the price.

He said he is able to get the cleaner at a discount because of a loophole in the Canadian government’s Clean-up Canada program, which is meant to eliminate the use of high-cost cleaners.

“I have a very high turnover rate,” the carpet cleaner said in an interview from Toronto.

“If I don’t sell the carpet cleaning service, I don´t make money.”

The carpet cleaner, who asked that his name not be used, said that the company he works for is a licensed carpet cleaner and has an accredited cleaner in the same division that cleans the carpet in his home.

He has seen an increase in the number of carpet cleaning jobs in recent years, and the new carpet cleaning program was introduced in the fall of 2016 to ensure carpet cleaners were certified and have the proper training.

However, the carpet-cleaning program requires the carpet cleaners to be accredited, and some carpet cleaners who have never been accredited have had their credentials revoked by the government, which says they do not have the necessary skills to be able to perform carpet cleaning safely.

“They’re really not licensed at all,” the carprier said of the carpet service companies.

“In order to get an accredited cleaner you have to have a degree or certificate from an accredited program, and they can only certify them through an accredited organization.”

According to a CBC report from November 2016, more than 1,400 carpet cleaning contractors in Canada had their qualifications revoked.

“Some have been turned down because they’re not accredited,” the CBC said.

“Others are shut down because of the regulations.”

Some carpet cleaners are also required to report to the Clean Air Council for any emissions from their cleaning equipment, while others are required to install emissions monitors on their premises.

In a letter to the provincial government in November, the Ontario Association of Contractors and Labour Agencies said that carpet cleaners must also report all of the pollution from their equipment to the council.

“You must also take steps to ensure that the COVID-19 outbreak is detected and reported to the city,” the association said.

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